I’ve wanted to paint our master bathroom since shortly after we bought our house. But because no else sees it it go pushed to the bottom of the list. The only room further down is the laundry room. It’s this tan color that does nothing for the dark space. There is one big window, with a nice view of the neighbor’s windows. I need to find a roll of frosty window cling that is wide enough for this paneless picture window. But first…paint!  
This space is bright near the window but dark everywhere else. My yellowish lights aren’t helping either. I picked up three samples when Lowes had their 99 cents sample sale a few weeks ago. All light grey tones, trending towards white. 
I think we can rule out the lightest color, it’s just too white for the hubby. He likes a little contrast. But, he didn’t like the darkest color either. He thought it looked “dirty.” They are all Valspar colors. Top: Possibility, middle: Montpelier Madison White, bottom: Notre Dame. 
Here you can see all the samples at once. I need help people! I’m leaning towards the darkest color despite Hubby’s thoughts, but I don’t want to make it too dark. Although anything would be an improvement over poop tan at this point. Maybe I can make a decision and get it painted by the end of the month. Wouldn’t that be great?!? And then maybe Hubby will replace the ruined trim by the tub, it’s been like that since we bought the house eight years ago.  Sad but true. And then trim out the window. Oh, the list never ends! 🙂 
So what color would you choose?
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