So are you drowning in the end of school activities like me?  I will just say May is a little too much like December business for my taste!  Anyway, we’ve been slaving away on a thousand little projects that have piled up in our garage.  We spent memorial day day weekend doing this:

hanging a $5 spray painted chandelier where there used to be a can light over my bath tub.  Sorry for the horrible picture.  It’s hard to take a good picture of something that hangs in front of a window,

And putting up thrifted shelves in the tiny powder room.  I just threw some junk up there, but will hopefully actually arrange things later this week.  My kids thought the baby in the frame, not ours 🙂 was funny.  I guess I need to get on it!
You think the people we bought our house from got a special on brown paint?  I do, lol! I got an estimate on having inside the house painted and hubby said go for it.  Now I just need to pick colors!  
I need help!  Got any great neutral colors to share?