How about Persephone, Queen of the Underworld?  If Queen of the Underworld doesn’t scream Halloween, what costume does?

Just in case you’ve missed all of the teen books written on the Hades/Persephone myth in the past year or two, here’s a Greek mythology refresher:

Persephone was the beautiful daughter of Demeter, goddess of the harvest.  Hades fell in love with Persephone and kidnapped her.  Demeter searched the earth for Persephone and neglected her duty to the harvest, causing a famine.  Hearing the cries of the people, Zeus ordered Hades to release Persephone.  Before he did so, Hades tricked Persephone into eating the seeds of a pomegranate, which meant that she would have to return to the underworld for 1/3 of the year.  While she is in the underworld, Demeter mourns for her daughter and the earth experiences winter.  When Persephone returns, the Demeter rejoices and the earth rejoices with her, hence Spring and Summer.  As winter approaches, Demeter becomes fretful and withdrawn, causing the leaves to turn and man has one final opportunity to gather in the Fall harvest before winter comes and Persephone descends.

In order to represent Persephone, I glued elements representing the four seasons to a 1/2″ thick plastic headband.  In this headband I used hot glue, but a better choice would be E6000 due to its flexible nature when dry.  If you’re making this costume for an adult or teenager, pair the headband with a toga fashioned from a white sheet.  If you’re making this costume for a child, a long white adult-sized t-shirt tied in the middle with gold ribbon will work.

Be sure to accessorize with a pomegranate!  I saw some large, beautiful pomegranates at Costco last week, so pomegranate season has arrived.

Happy Haunting!

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