It’s been a stellar week.  Sinus infections, broken washer (which is BAD news when your doing laundry for 9 people, 2 in diapers!) and several school projects.  Whew!  Makes me tired thinking about it!  So, lets do an easy and fun craft to de-stress, shall we?
I have been meaning to do this project for six months.  Why didn’t I do it sooner?!?  It only took half an hour and I can change it out for any occasion.  
Cute, yes?  It took me longer to cut out the fabric than anything.  
Here’s her closeup.  Isn’t she lovely?  Want to make one of these beauties for yourself?  You’ll need: your trusty hot glue gun, burlap, chalkboard fabric (less than 1/4 yard of the big bolt), ribbon and clothes pins to hang it with. Chalk to write with and command hooks if you don’t want to put *anymore* holes in your furniture.
1.  Cut out your burlap.  Cut your chalkboard fabric slightly smaller.  Don’t measure, unless you are one of those people that has to.  🙂  I’m not.  I just eyeballed it.
2.  Put a little bead of glue around the outside edge of the back of the chalkboard fabric.  Slap it onto your burlap.  
3.Write something cute and festive on your banner.  
4. Hang your ribbon on the command hooks and pin your banner up.  Add other festive things (like hearts!) if it floats your boat.  These where 15 cents at hobby lobby last year.  LOVE 90% off!
5.  Stand back and admire your craftiness.  Make sure to point it out to everyone else too!
Sneak peek of the banner on my entry way mirror.  I’ll show you the whole thing next week 🙂
Happy crafting for heart day!


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