In order to motivate me to clean up my act and clear out my house, I thought I would show you my little successes at getting organized.  Baby steps to a clean house 🙂

Every time I open these drawers it makes me cringe.  This is why:

I can’t ever get the birthday candles (you can’t even see them there is so much junk!) without taking out the whole drawer.  Sadly I do use everything in these drawers for birthday and holidays celebrations, so I can’t purge a lot.  But even a little would be good, and arranging things in a way that makes more sense for how often I use them would be MUCH better.

Oops!  Someone had spilled water in this drawer, who knows when?!?, and it was big mess in the bottom.

So I took everything out and wiped down the drawers.  That’s a lot of stuff!

I consolidated containers with just a little and put my birthday candles in these little cups (and yes I use them more than once, I told you, I’m cheap!)

I labeled all my sprinkles so I can see what they are without taking them out.  Then I put holiday sugar pieces in the back.  Cupcake liners and candles are in the front where I can reach them, hurray!

Only a few minutes, but it feels great!  I just need to keep it up!  First though, someone wants me to take a break 🙂

How can I say no to that?