My purse was overflowing.  You’ve been there right? The junk eventually takes over. I finally cleaned out and downsized- my new mint green purse is just 5x5x12! That’s tiny for me! Keep in mind that I have 4 kids ages 5 and under, so it’s hard to pack light. But let me share a few tricks and tips I’ve learned over the years.

What I removed from the old purse: old appointment card, old receipts, small first aid kit, calculator extra pens and markers, sunblock stick, almost-empty hand sanitizer, piece of trim (doesn’t everyone carry moulding in their purse? ;))  tickets from who-remembers-where, fold out fan (a must for a pregnant summer!), small notebook, contact case, extra sunglasses for my glasses, sunscreen, baby socks, too-big make-up bag.  **If you are carrying a bigger bag having things in smaller bags (think makeup, baby items) makes switching purses easier!
Not pictured: baby bottle, HUGE formula holder, and baby hair bow (she takes it off, I put it back on, she takes it off, you get the picture).

This is what I decided I really needed.  I’ve lived with it for a week now, and it’s great!

What I kept: very small umbrella, pocket knife (with scissors and screwdriver), purse holder, spare keys (very handy!), gum and measuring tape (I use this ALL the time!).
Baby stuff: small baby snack container, wipes, diaper and (not pictured) baby formula in tiny baggies.  I keep extra wipes and diapers (and all the other diaper bag stuff) in the car at all times anyway, so stuffing my purse was just getting redundant.  Both diapered girls could wear a 3 in a pinch, so that’s what we’ve got 🙂  I’ve learned that if I make my kids responsible for their own snack and cup (even the two year old), then I have less to carry and they have figured out they need to help out if they want to have a drink.  It’s great for everybody!

My keys with all the important attachments (library cards!), dollar store sunglasses (so I don’t get upset when my kids ruin them ;)) sharpie, pen notebook and a vintage hankie .

Make-up: nail file, oil vial, concealor, antibac lotion, powder, bandaids and wipe (I never used anything else in the first aid kit), fold up hairbrush, lip gloss, lip liner, eyeliner and shapener.

And here it all is stuffed in the purse, minus the wallet.  LOTS of room!

Here it is with the wallet.

Y’all, it even zips shut!  
How often do you clean out your purse?  Do you have other necessities?  
What can you not live without?
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