For Valentine’s day for my husband, I made a simple little print displaying some of the words of “our song”.  We had a frame in the bathroom I’d been meaning to fill with something else, so I took the chance to put something meaningful in there.

The song is The Sun and The Moon by Mae. It’s pretty great.

I just use a simple font on a solid background (okay, so I’m no graphic designer…) and put some of my favorite lyrics from the song on there.

Here’s how it looks in our bathroom.

And I’ll tell you a little secret. My husband had some of these words inscribed on the inside of my wedding band. Isn’t that sweet? I kind of love it.

And because I am now a super cool blogger, I’m going to share this free printable that is near and dear to my heart with you!  Go here to download your own copy.

Here’s a video of The Sun and the Moon by Mae. There weren’t very many videos online to choose from, so sorry, the first minute is the guy talking, and it’s not super awesome quality, but it is a beautiful song! Enjoy!

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