I wanted to try painting pumpkins this year since I found these guys on the Hobby Lobby 90% clearance in early December of last year.  $3 each. People pass things up all the time because they are the wrong color.  Painting can change something so drastically, it is something to always keep in mind when you look at clearance items, go thrifting or go to garage sales.
 I got ahead of myself and painted stems before I took any pictures.  Oops.
And here is the same shot without the new tripod.  Blurry, huh?
I went for easy here, as usual.  I didn’t want to tape, or anything else.  I just wanted to do it and go to bed.  I originally planned to paint them completely orange, but then I realized I didn’t want to spend that much time or energy on these.  A quick, easy craft required a slight change in plans.  Slap on some paint and you are done.
Here is the after.  It took me half an hour to do all four pumpkins.  I did two coats of orange (acrylic) craft paint.  The stems, which started out the same colors as the pumpkins, I painted with brown and a little copper.
Here they are with my half dead flowers in the front yard.  I really like them!  Several people have even thought I painted real pumpkins.  Not bad for a cheap, fast project!
Now I just need to get costumes together!  What holiday projects are you working on?
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