It’s getting there.  Just thought I’d give you a little update, on how the painting is going.  My house is in shambles from things getting moved from one room to another.  And yes, Santa is hanging in my living room.  In August.  He was in my pile of frames for the gallery wall I’m planning in there and one of the painters not remembering which of the 5,936 frames went on this wall, put it up.  I left it up as reminder for me to order the new family pic that will go in this frame.  It will bother me more that way. 🙂

These are some friends we picked up at the dollar tree while we’ve been staying out of the house this week.  Fall is at the store y’all.  Somebody needs to tell mother nature.  Cause it’s too hot to decorate with pumpkin yet.  But get these babies while they’re hot (the dollar tree friends), cause last year when I went in October, they were long gone.

Hopefully today will be the last day I have to keep my kids away, and then we will not have to eat any more meals out (which my kids actually got sick of fast to my surprise), and won’t be spending most of our time inside stores because you can only be at the library for so long and  it is too dang hot to be outside.  You know it’s bad, when the littles want to stay home.  Luckily we have plenty to do to get ready for all our company this weekend, when our daughter will be baptized.

Are you ready for fall?  When do you get out your halloween/fall decorations?