My friend’s daughter made us this fun Easter cake. I just had to share.  It’s peeps in a nest on a log. The really fun part, that had my kids super impressed was the log/cake part. It’s a roll!

We have had a little illness at our house this week. Lots of grumpiness, bodily fluids and extra sleeping going on. And less projects. Hopefully, I’ll dig out of the laundry tomorrow evening and can see a little easter outfit for the baby. Nothing fancy. Just a little something like this
With all the extra sleep needed between sickness and allergies, this baby’s favorite place to sleep is on Mommy. I didn’t even pose him. 

I did manage to get my mantle decorated. I still love last year’s Easter banner. And my target dollar spot glitter bunny. 
You can see I finally finished my new family room curtains. Yeah! They ended up being $10 per panel from clearance target tablecloths. And they were just what I had in my mind. I’ll post a better picture of them soon.  I just ordered myself a BIG Easter gift.  A new DSLR camera! Hopefully it won’t take me ten years to learn how to use it.  😉
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