A sick baby and my birthday have made for a busy week. I picked up a couple of things at target while waiting for prescriptions to be filled to spiff up the upstairs as I continue to organize and throw away all the toys clean up there. I found these great striped, pink canvas baskets at target to help organize books in the girls room. 

They seem pretty sturdy, but won’t get broken when the littlest girl stands on them. She stands on everything. An extra shelf to put dolls is not a bad thing either. With four girls, we have a few. 
Now the board books and easy readers are separate and easy to put away.We’ll see how long they stay that way. 😉 

My craft area is *this* close to being done. I’m just waiting for the photo boxes to be on sale again at hobby lobby since I only got about a third of what I need. I also decided to do a little refresh of the playroom with some new curtains, pillow covers and a clock!

Angry baby photo bomb. 😉

I got this on clearance at target, to replace the broken clock in there that has been non-functional for months. 

Any suggestions for good places to get cheap pillow covers or curtains?
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