So, I don’t know about you, but I love the look of preserved boxwood.  
And I’ve been seeing it everywhere. 

and Target!!!  Y’all know I was not about to spend $30 for one, though.  Especially when I had a couple of bushes in my front yard that needed to go.  I don’t like trimming bushes any more after I had a little run-in with my electric hedge trimmers a year and half ago.  Four stitches later, it (the hedge trimmer) still makes me a little nervous, so the bushes needed to go. 

Here are the pieces I saved, while I spent a whole week looking for the stupid bottle of glycerin I bought.  Apparently someone drank it (*ewwww!*), cause it was gone! I finally got another couple of bottles, and hoped it wasn’t too late.
I found recipes and directions in a few different places.  The one at crafting rebellion is what I used.

I needed two batches since my glycerin bottles were tiny.

A teaspoon of dye, with one part glycerin and two parts water.
I filled my glass jars (Rit dye will dye plastic, so I stuck with glass). 

Crushed the ends so they could absorb more easily. 

Here is one of the jars in action!

If it works, I’ll chop them up and make my own Target version…stay tuned!

Here we are on the mantle!

Looking springy!

And safely away from little hands.

So far, I’m loving it!  I’ll update this post, and let you know in 3-5 weeks how they turn out!
What do you think?

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