Things have been crazy at our house: getting adjusted to the new school year (5 in school now, eek!), fighting all the germs, trying to exercise so my blood pressure will continue to go down, several kid birthdays, traveling husband, just to name a few. I have a bunch of projects to do and am finding it hard to find the time. Guess I can thank my eighth grader for making sure I get to work on stuff while I am up at midnight waiting for him to finish an “oops I have a paper due tomorrow” assignment. 😉

This is the lovely view I have on the days I get to walk my elementary kids to school. Could he be any sweeter? Exercising is more fun with others, right?

Yes, I am that mom.  The one shopping with a naked two year old. (And pouting three year old.)
Because I am busy, (lazy) I try to get all my shopping done in one day each week. Crazy, I know.  Anyway, we had already hit three or four stores that morning grabbed lunch to eat in the car on the way out of Costco, when the little girl tells me she is stinky.  I tell her I’ll change her as soon as we get to the car.  We get out there, I load the groceries in the back and then start stripping her down to change her. Poop everywhere y’all. I kind of wanted to cry, but I just laughed instead.  A box of wipes later, and I had no spare clothes because she never does this.  So, I could go home and try again another day to finish my shopping, or push ahead, grab an outfit at Walmart and keep going.  Obviously, we kept going.  I knew if we went home we wouldn’t have enough time to change and still finish shopping before school got out that day. I also knew it would be really hard to make it back out later in the week.  So we persevered. I finished my shopping in time and took a picture so I could remember. She REALLY didn’t want to go in the store naked.  But when I let her pick a princess shirt off the clearance rack, she decided it was fine. 🙂 
We are all getting over nasty colds at our house. Hence the lack of blogging lately. Tissues and sore throats galore.  Luckily, the baby seems to have been the least affected.  Hurray for nursing antibodies!
It’s the small blessings that help me feel loved by my Heavenly Father. My husband was going out of town and I wanted a treat for myself at bedtime as a reward for my good behavior. 😉 I love these little pecan pies but I’m too cheap to buy them.  Two packages on clearance! Does anyone else miss the little debbie pecan pies? Those were my favorite. 
Another blessing…some cute new Clark’s. I got my first pair while I was pregnant.  I found them at thrift town and texted our family group to get opinions.  I thought I rememberd they were supposed to be really nice shoes.  They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. Like walking on clouds. I found these at goodwill for $8.  Cute and comfy. A winning combination. Now if someone can just tell me how to motivate my middle school boys to do their school work I’ll have it made in the shade. 😉

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