I have been enjoying simpler decor lately.  I can’t stand all the clutter in my house right now, so the holiday decor is kept to a minimum.  (Egg banner: target clearance last year, $2.50).

The front entry has an  egg placemat pillow, a hobby lobby clearance pillow that one of my girls begged me to get last year ($2), and my target knock off egg trees from last year. And that’s it for that room.  Crazy empty compared to my usual festive self.  But I’m happy with it this year.

The banner on my family room mantle was my only Easter craft this year.  It took me longer to pick out the fabric from my stash than it did to put the banner together.  I saw a banner at Target that I loved, but knew I could make it myself for nothing, so I resisted the $6 price tag and made my own.  It was just what the mantle needed. (Glitter bunny: dollar tree $1).
I am looking forward to cleaning out my Easter box tomorrow.
 This nesting thing is great for cleaning things out. 😉
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