We are (again) going to make a renewed effort at keeping this little blog going, so I thought it would be fun to try and spruce it up a bit. I kind of love the new header. I plan on updating the social media buttons, and trying to figure out why in the world the post titles are still red, despite my best efforts.

My family recently moved across the country and bought our first house of our own that we love a whole lot. I’ve been having fun getting everything set up like I want, and doing a little sprucing up there as well. I will post some of the bigger projects later, but for now I thought I’d share one small project I did after the kids went to bed a couple of weeks ago. 
I’ve had these cute wooden candle sticks  for several years. I got them for a dollar apiece at a thrift store. Our new house has a separate dining room and a kitchen dining area, so I thought it would be fun to keep them out on the dining room table, because I’m so fancy. But with the dark walls and dark table tops, the dark wood candlesticks and dark green candles didn’t seem super exciting.

I had a little sample pot of yellow paint I had bought for something else but never used, so I thought that would brighten things up a bit. 

I bought some new white candles for a dollar and viola! Cheap, easy, and cheerful! I also hung a few of my grandmother’s china plates that my mom gave to me up around the mirror.  I was going to go for a different arrangement, then figured I’d rather them be high up so my kids aren’t as likely to knock them off of the wall.

I’d love to try quilting a fun table runner to go down the center of the table, and eventually have plans to put up a couple of picture ledges with candid black and white photos in colorful frames on the wall across the from the window.  You can check out my dining room inspiration board on Pinterest to some ideas similar to what I want to do.

Have you done any sprucing up at your house lately? I’d love to hear about it!


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