So you may remember my Valentine’s book basket.  I do one for most holidays because I want my kids to be great readers, so here is basket number two for the year!
I have tried to collect a few books through the year for each holiday from the thrift store, book sales, garage sales and my kids school book sale.  It’s the same basket as last month, I just sewed a green lining (gotta love clearance fabric!) and put our patty’s day books inside:

St Patrick’s Day in the Morning
There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover
The Night Before St Patrick’s Day
Green Shamrocks

A Treasury of Irish Stories (actually from Ireland!)
The Leprechauns Gold
Looking for Leprechauns
Two More Enchanting Tales: The Wee House and The Kindergarten Mystery

Jack and the Leprechuan
That’s What Leprchuan’s Do
St. Patrick’s Day
You are Mine
If Only I Had a Green Nose 
(My kids insisted the Max Lucado books went with the St Patty’s books because let’s face it, 
he looks like a leprechuan ;))
I know we are missing a few, my fault for not taking the pictures as soon as I unpacked them.  My kids have carried them off to read.  What fun traditions does your family do for St. Patrick’s day?  Or is it a holiday you skip and go straight to Easter?
**St Patrick’s Day books are probably the hardest holiday books to find when thrifting.  I finally gave in this year and ordered a few lots on ebay this year, just FYI.
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