One of my favorite parts of pulling out the next holiday from the attic is seeing the our family pictures.  It’s hard to believe how fast my kids are growing up!  I can see how much they have changed just in the past few years (and how much our family has grown LOL!) by looking at our mantle in the family room.  Sorry in advance for the cruddy pictures!

My kids love to look at the pictures and remember where we were, and what we did those years.  St Patrick’s Day is fun because it almost always falls during our spring break from school, and so many have been spent at Grandma’s house.

Poor hubby got some of his head cut off by last year’s photographer.  It’s always kind of hard to get a good shot with this many squirmy people!

2011 we stayed home and played at the park.  The year before that was with Grandma (see above) and Elizabeth which is why her oldest is in the picture too.  Cousins are so fun!

I used this 30 cent Hobby Lobby plate to even things out (I have a major hang up about things being symmetrical)  and tiny leprechaun. 
How did you decorate your mantle for Green Day?  Or did you skip straight to Easter?  My poor Easter decorating will only get two weeks this year.   But I have to say I’m looking forward to a longer holiday break this year 🙂
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