Are you having a lucky day?  I’m not, so I’m a little late posting this.  Sometimes, I just run behind. I wish I didn’t, but my time is not always my own with 10 people in our family. And I like to sleep occasionally. 😉 So I made this pillow a year or two ago. It might have even been while I was packing up the box to put everything away. I do that sometimes. 

I used some green and white gingham from my fabric stash. Nothing fancy. White canvas is sewed envelope style on the back. Funny story. I was trying to put it together super fast. I was so proud of myself that I sewed it up on the machine in about 15 minutes. My sewing machine and I don’t always get along. Unfortunately, I realized right after that, I had pinned the pillow inside out before I sewed it. So now my pillow has a rough outside edge. Because there was no way I was picking that out and starting over for a pillow that only gets used a few weeks every year. 😉

cut the letters and clovers from felt (doesn’t fray) and sewed them to the gingham with contrasting thread. If I was going to spend time hand sewing, I wanted it to show. 
I think it makes the entry way a little more festive without being cluttery. And it’s not breakable. That’s always a plus when you have a large under 5 crowd. 
Especially when your little leprechaun starts pulling up on all the furniture. Why are they always in such a hurry to grow up?  😉

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