I have mentioned before that holidays are big at our house, and Valentine’s Day is one of our favorites. If I don’t get out the holiday decor fast enough, my kids remind me.  Over and over. 🙂

My kids really like to see old holiday pictures of themselves. And I love any excuse to decorate in pink!  Notice the tissue paper in the top of the apothecary jars to keep people, *cough* Joshua*, out of the candy. 

So,  I always go the day after holidays to Target, Walmart, and then Hobby Lobby later in the week to get good deals on decor.

I’ve slowly collected my decorations over the years, usually just a few pieces every time.  I also like to make something every once in a while 🙂  Sometimes it’s as easy as this printable from the talented ladies at eighteen25…someday that cupid bear will get a bow and arrow.

But this year I decided I needed some pillows.  We have a heart blanket I bought from Target a few years ago, but no heart pillows.  So, I took the dishtowels I bought last year (2 for $2 on clearance), and made them into four pillows.

Always iron when you’re sewing, even if your 9 year old tried to surf on your ironing board and it can’t stand up on its own anymore.  Seriously, it’s the ONLY time I iron.  Ask Elizabeth, who used to iron EVERYTHING, including her jeans.  That’s why she looks nice and I….well back to the sewing.

I was short on time (had to pick up kids from school and the end of nap time) so I decided with the white ones to use the already finished edges, cut the towel in half, and sew up the one unfinished edge. I dug through my old tee-shirt stash for some cute knit so I wouldn’t have to hem.  I cut the material out of the tee shirt.  But OOPS the front has buttons.

Well, I’m lazy, so I thought “I’ll just sew it on, trim the excess and stuff the batting through the button-up opening.”

So I did.  SUPER EASY and FAST, buttoned-up-the-back Valentine’s pillow.

It was even kid approved! She stole it during her “nap.”

So far my kids haven’t discovered that the buttons work. 🙂 What fun crafts are you making for the holiday?

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