target finds

Since we have a new house, with several more rooms to decorate,  new curtains are needed. My favorite place to shop for cheap curtains is Target. But I don’t look in the curtain section. If you are looking for cheap curtains, the clearance tablecloths are were it’s at. Especially if you have tall ceilings. I found new curtains for my office (104 inches!), a shower curtain for the boy’s bathroom, and a placement that will become a pillow at some point in the future. All on the clearance end caps behind the home decor.
target cart pillows
I had these cute pillows in my cart but decided I was feeling too cheap and put them back. They were about $10 each on clearance.
shower curtain
Cute navy stripe shower curtain is perfect for the new boys bathroom. And washablility is a must in a boys bathroom.  Am I right?!?
office curtains from table cloth
And $11 for two 104 inch curtain panels, you can believe snatched those up quick! They are just the right height for the 9 ft ceilings in my office. The aqua background with blue, yellow and coralish red flowers are perfect to brighten up the boring tan walls.
gather banner
I found the blue & white gingham in the dollar spot. The runner is two dish towels and other than the GATHER banner being strung backwards and so needing to be restrung, I think they’ll make for super cute thanksgiving decor.
“And where is your Halloween stuff Caroline?”  I know, we are almost halfway through the month and it’s still not up. I’m tired y’all. Moving is hard work. And moving 10 people is not for the faint of heart. My kids keep asking though, so I’ll get it up this week. Maybe even today! I’m feeling motivated, and I’ve got to strike while the iron’s hot, y’all.
What’s your best Target find this fall?
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