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So my ten your old fifth grader LOVES his teacher.  But he did not want a cheesy, “girlie” gift.  So I bought this cute rock candy at the Dollar Tree and thought I would just find someone else’s cute printable attach with a sweet bot written not and a Target gift card and I’d be done.  Wrong!  I found lots of Valentines printables, but macho boy was not having anything with hearts on it.  Poo.  So, what’s a crafty girl to do?  Make it herself.
It seriously took me a quarter of the time to just make it myself as I spent looking for an already made one.  I didn’t think it was a very original idea.
I pasted my pic into a word document and printed on my laser printer.  I used a corner rounder punch and a tiny whole punch for the ribbon.  Easy peasy (then my kids say lemon squeezey. every time. :))
So in case anyone else wants something cheap, easy and fast for your macho boy’s teacher gift, here you go:

What are you planning on giving to teachers this year?  
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