Yesterday’s quick costume idea was the Queen of the Underworld.  If the Queen of the Underworld wasn’t scary enough for Halloween, how about Medusa?
If you missed out on those fun foam Medusa wigs at Target this year, never fear! You can make your own using a painter’s cap and green chenille stems (aka pipe cleaners).  

12″ long Green chenille stems
Painter’s cap
Invisible thread (green thread will work if you already have that handy)
White sheet (toga for adults/teens) or long white adult-sized t-shirt (children)

To make this Medusa wig, I just sat in front of the tv one evening and whip-stitched the chenille stems all over the painter’s cap using invisible thread.  I only whip-stitched about an inch of the middle of each stem so that the rest of it would be free to scrunch into snake shapes.  Green thread will work too–just whatever you have on hand.  I put a link in the supplies to the chenille stems at Hobby Lobby so you could see them, but you can find them at most any local craft store.

If you don’t do a lot of hand-sewing, well, me neither!  I promise you if I can do it, so can you!

You’ll wear the painter’s cap backwards so that the brim of the hat is facing downward toward the back of your neck.  If you sew enough stems on, it will barely be visible.  If you really, really want to get fancy, I think you could dye the cap green first before sewing it, but it looked great without that step. Finish up the look with a toga (or long white t-shirt, whatever works best) and put on some green and black makeup.  You can get more dramatic with the makeup if you desire or just keep it simple like we did and let the wearer of the costume rock it with their personality.

Also, true confession time:  I have no idea what my girls are going to be for Halloween this year.  So if you have procrastinated this long, SOUL SISTAH!  I’m right there with you!  The good news is that the greatest inspiration often strikes in the 11th hour, so just tell yourself “No problem!  I’ve got this!”

Happy Halloween!

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