I finished this forever ago, and promptly forgot about it. So, in case you were wondering whatever happened to Carol Lee, here she is. 
I’d like to thank she is slightly more classy now. But still just as useful. 🙂 And just in case your retinas weren’t burned out the last time, here is the before:
First I sanded the steps to get rid the texture from paint. I decided to leave the sides as I didn’t mind the pattern AND I’m lazy. 
Then I sprayed the whole thing with some satin white spray paint. Mostly because that’s what I already had on hand. 
I gave the steps a couple quick coats of dark brown paint (acrylic craft paint, also from my stash) then topped it with some poly and called it a day. 

Just right for little feet. And no more heavy lifting to wash little hands in the kitchen sink. Win win!

Don’t you just love it when a project is cheap and (relatively) easy?  
Wish me luck, I start painting bunk beds for my girl’s bedroom makeover tomorrow. It will be my first time to use the air compressor and the paint sprayer. Fingers crossed, I’ll be done with all four beds by the end of the week!
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