So, the week is getting away from me and I have not blogged. Sorry! I had problems with blogger and gave up for a few days. But I have been busy. This morning I went to a neighborhood garage sale for a little while and picked up a few goodies.

I love the red polka dot pumps for $1 and the white peeps with bows for 50 cents! I got the two wood frames for 50 cents each, the “ugly” green fanny pack for our upcoming Disney world trip *eek*! And the happy birthday ribbon for 50 cents and a six pack of stands for $1.

My oldest daughter lucked out with some silver flats for $1, navy polka dot shorts and a cute springy shirt for 50 cents each.

Has garage sale season started where you live yet?  Are you big bargain hunter or are you a garage sale chicken, like Elizabeth who is afraid to ask for a lower price (love you!)? 😉