A neighbor down the street is about to put their house up for sell, and was having a garage sale today. I had bought a wicker trunk from them a few years ago that has been fabulous on my back porch for holding kid toys. When I came home from a church meeting this afternoon they were still out there. I saw something that looked cute from the road. Two curvy chairs.

With polka dots y’all.  You’ve seen my favorite new shoes.  How could I pass these babies up?  $20 was actually a little pricey for me, but I knew I’d kick myself if I didn’t get them.  And then I saw the scale.  I have been wanting one for years ($5).  And a sweet little tiara ($1) for the girls.  And nice neighbor even carried them over to my house for me.
My littlest sidekick has been VERY clingy this week.  Hence, not very many posts.
How cute is this? And highly appropriate for someone who has had 8 kids 🙂
It is so hard to take pictures with two photo bombers.  And can I just point out that my porch really needs to be pressure washed.  And probably repainted.  Any volunteers?  Too bad I’m probably the one that needs to do it.  
Has garage sale season started where you live?  Our neighborhoods around here have most of the sales in the next three weeks.  My hubs is very afraid 😉
**updated:  see what I found at the big sale, it was awesome!
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