One of the most fun days of the year for me is the first weekend in May when all the neighborhoods in my area have their garage sales.  On the same day!  It seriously so fun, when the pickings are good.  And they were the good this year!!!
Items marked with a *star were all from the same garage sale, I had so much stuff, they got tired of counting and I got it all for $50.
Barn star $3 and birdhouse* 
Two of my favorite decorative things stars and birdhouses. See over the hoosier cabinet.
Two embroidered ikea pillows* 
I had one just like these and wanted to buy a couple more but have been too cheap.
Four big frames and a cowboy hat*
 The santa frame will be for my living room gallery wall family picture that Elizabeth will take next month, The larger one will be another chalkboard.  The long skinny will either house my kid silhouettes from disneyworld or my family name pictures.  The small one just might stay as is.  The cowboy hat was for Hubby.  We’ve lived in Texas for five years now.  He needed one.
Little rug to catch the dirt at the back door*
I’ve been to cheap to buy one.
Cool basket shelf $10*, willow tree figurines*, Texas stars* 
The basket shelf was a happy bonus, and the willow tree figurines had been on my list for a long time.  I already had one for each child except the last four, somebody (Hubs) wanted me to buy them for myself.  I didn’t want to spend the money, LOVE the stars!
Crochet multicolor throw, white chenille bedspread* 
Stuff that’s been on my wish list for a few years
The crates were 25 cents each!, 3 little rubbermaid craft/junk holders 25 cents each, three drawer junk holders 25 cents each (plus two more not pictured at 10 cents each). 
I had to wash them because they were FILTHY but the price was right and I needed them for my playroom redo.  I’m going to make covers for the crates and it will be fabulous!
Wreath $1, white basket*, wood crate* and wire shelf organizers $1 each.
The wreath is for my guest bathroom make-over.  The basket, crate and shelf organizers are for “The Great Craft Closet Clean Out of 2013.”  Coming soon to a blog near you 🙂 
Small square baskets 25 cents each.
These are perfect for eating buffet style on the back porch. 
The square one is for napkins and the rectangle is for utensils.
Navy sweater throw from ikea*
I’ve looked at this in the store and felt too cheap to buy another blanket.  We never seem to have enough blankets in the family room and fighting ensues.
Two navy pillows*,
Same story as with the blankets.
Stained glass $10.
I have wanted stained glass in my bathroom window since seeing my Mom’s friend Theresa’s house when I was a teenager.
Lots of J’s*
Our maiden name (Elizabeth and I) starts with J, so my SIL’s can pick which ones they want 🙂 and I’ll bring them to the reunion.
Can you believe all that, and I didn’t even spend $100.  It was all stuff on my need list or my wish list.  That’s why I love garage sales!  Speaking of…
I spent the rest of my Saturday working on these bad boys. You might remember these from long ago.  Yeah, they’ve been sitting in my garage all this time.  Because I’m a change chicken.  Sometimes I get so afraid I’m going to mess up, things up that I never start.
But no more!  The big one will go in the front entry and the small one over my bathtub.
Hubby also put the flag up on Saturday.  I helped by telling him where to put it 🙂
Elizabeth asked where the chairs I got a couple weeks ago ended up.  
Here they are on the front porch. I love it!
Do you go to garage sales?  Did you get anything good recently?  I’d love to hear what goodies you got!