don’t know about you, but we go through a lot of TP at our house. And I really don’t want my little kids searching through the linen closet to find more toilet paper. So I like to have some pretty but functional storage near the toilette. 😉 And at $1 for this wire basket from the thrift store, I knew I needed it before I was sure exactly what I would use it for. 

I sprayed the dirty white basket with some flat black, because that’s what I had on hand. I wrapped a smudge of black duct tape around the ends where it was rubbing the wall. And voila, handy paper when you need it. Which is often, since this is the main bathroom my kids use upstairs. 
Looks pretty good to me. Now I just need to fill that bottom picture frame. It also came from the thrift store ($2) because you know just four pictures wouldn’t be enough for our family. 🙂 The frame was hunter green, and the mat was cream. They got a black and white make-over to match the other frame I got as a birthday gift a few years ago. 

Now, I if I can just get them to keep it clean.

Got any super fabulous tips for getting kids to clean up after themselves?  
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