Freezing cookie dough in small bags for portion control

After you make your cookie dough, freeze a couple cups or so (eyeball it – DO NOT waste time measuring), in a quart size freezer bag. Write what it is and the date on the bag.  You don’t want to waste cookie dough!   Smash that sucker flat.  When you need to make treats fast, these are pretty quick to thaw.  If they are not quite done thawing you can break chunks off if you need too.  It should make about one pan of cookies.  I like to do “leetle bitty” cookies with my new christmas present: that scooper in the picture.  Then I can eat more and not feel guilty about it, and the kids can’t say “He took the biggest cookie, its not fair!”  Enjoy your cookies!

This one is for you Elizabeth.  Well, your hubs actually.  Feed the boy some cookies! 🙂
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