Our house just turned 15.  And things have been wearing out, which is normal.  We’ve replaced the water heater, the water softener, parts of the air conditioner, the dishwasher, the oven and stove all within the last few years.  Our old door bell looked kind of like this one:
But it was an odd size.  I looked EVERYWHERE. I guess they don’t make the size we needed anymore.   I could not find I doorbell to fit the existing holes in my brick wall.  I know many of my neighbors had the same problem because I had seen what they did to fix theirs.  Some just put in an ugly, wireless system that sticks on with foam tape, and still didn’t fit.  Others put a too small doorbell that left ugly exposed holes.  We had no doorbell for a couple of months, because I knew that wouldn’t work for me.  Plus I wanted it match my door knob: 
So finally after bringing home about 5 possibilities from Lowe’s and Home Depot, then taking them back,  I finally picked one that was the right shape and color, just too small.  Then I got a small piece of 1/4 inch ply scrap, drew the shape I wanted.  I marked the holes for the wire to go through, the holes to screw the little doorbell to the wood and the holes to screw it into the wall and had hubby cut it out (I’m kind of scared of the saw, silly, I know).   Then I sanded it and painted it to match the new too small doorbell.  Hubby installed it for me. 
I could breathe a little easier knowing my doorbell was not an eyesore anymore.
Maybe not the solution for every body, but it worked for us!

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