So, I have just one pretty picture for you today. My Easter present:

I picked them out at target. You know I love a good stripe! 
It only gets ugly from here folks. I think I have some kind of bug. I’ve been more tired than normal lately. Like going to bed before 10. That is some kind of weird for this night owl. And because I’m so tired a lot of things I planned to do are going undone. Like this very useful but hideous step stool. 
It’s quite handy for little girls who need to wash their hands. It needs to be stripped and repainted since Carol Lee doesn’t live here. 😉
The back porch pillows are still needing new covers. I had to bring them in because the little girls kept playing with them in the yard and leaving them there. Every time I was ready to sew, the pillows were missing in the rainy backyard. It will get done this week. The faded brown is killing me. 
I spent all day today cleaning my house because it was a giant hole. I came home from the Time Out for Women conference on Saturday evening with my mom, and my house looked like a bomb went off inside. (And yes that door is broken. I was SO happy to come home to that. If our old tv ever dies, that cabinet will be history.) I finally got everything cleaned up and can breathe again. If I can just kick this bug, I can get back to creating. 🙂
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