Fastest project ever! This redo deserves an award. It took longer to pick out than to put up! And when the teenagers got home from school, they said, “Hey Mom, did we get a new garage  door today?” Nope, But it sure looks like it!

garage door update magnetic hardware carriage

When I saw the garage door makeover at Postbox Designs in June, I immediately went to Amazon and put one in my cart. And then, forgot about it.  Have I ever mentioned that 6 of our kids celebrate birthdays during the summer? Add then add in weekly pool and library trips (times 8 kids), camps, vacations, getting school supplies for six kids in school, and honestly my brain is mush.  Sadly my kids have learned if Mom didn’t write it down, it ain’t happening.

So, when I finally remembered a month later, they were out of stock, of course. And then they were $300.  Really? So I just saved it for later figuring that at some point the price would normal out closer to the original $20.  The day after school started, I got on amazon to order the last things we needed.  A few days later, the package was delivered!

garage door hardware

I opened it up and had it on the door within less than 5 minutes.  It only took so long because I had to fiddle with them a little bit until I had them in the right place. And sweep the cobwebs out of the corners before I could take a picture. I am obviously super organized. And clean.

And now, because everybody loves a good before and after:

garage door accents before
a garage door accents after

 And can I just tell you that easy projects are the only ones I can consider until we establish some better sleeping routines around here.  The two year old monkey decided the night before school started was the end of sleeping in his crib. So instead this is what we do at nap time:

upside down in crib baby

Pray for me.  My house might fall in and my sanity go out the window if naptimes aren’t somehow restored soon! 😉

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