It’s always fun to have traditional holiday food.  Easter and Christmas we usually have ham and cheesy potatoes. Christmas morning we have waffles with strawberries and whipped cream.  It’s just fun to have one more special thing to anticipate and make the day even more special.

For my family, this goes for Valentine’s Day, too.  We like to make pink, heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast, and heart-shaped pizza for dinner! This is by no means and original idea–I think a lot of people do something similar, do you?  But even if it’s not original, it’s something my family enjoys!

  My tip for making fun Valentine pancakes (or fun shaped pancakes any day of the year) is to buy some cheap condiment bottles to squirt your batter with.  You can probably find them at the dollar store.

I cut the tops off of mine, to make the hole a little bigger.  And as you can see by the mess, I should have probably thinned my batter a little and used a funnel to pour it into the bottles.  Maybe that’s what I’ll do this year!

 Make an edible love note!
 My guys all enjoyed them!
  We like to make homemade pizza at our house, so on Valentine’s day we just make it the usual way, except shape the crust into a heart!

  I left my pepperonis plain, but I know some people get extra fancy on Valentine’s and cut them into little hearts like this!

 Serve on a heart-shaped plate and enjoy your LOVEly dinner!

Will you be making any festive Valentine’s food this February 14th?

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