I LOVE holidays!  My kids do too.  When I put away one holiday’s decor my kids kids are always excited to see which one is next!  Here are our heart day decorations for this year:
My salvation army chalkboard sign (had some ugly Christmas thing, painted over it), I change it for each holiday and birthday.  Obviously I was in too much of a hurry and didn’t wipe the board well enough before I wrote on it.  Oh well, kids don’t care!
Front door (Is she in EVERY picture I take?!? :)) with new to me (garage sale $2) wreath on dollar store ribbon. I was so glad to find this in May because I tried to make a wreath last year and it was a major craft FAIL.   Hearts pick in plants are Hobby Lobby 90% clearance last year.
Entry way featuring two new projects from this year, you can see one of them here. And one oldie 😉  And another photo bomber (can you tell I am never alone?).
Here’s the other new project.  People have been making these for awhile.  I just wanted to use what I already had (ball forms, skewers, ribbon and crepe paper).  I just bought the buckets.  Target $1 each.
Living room xoxo is another hobby lobby clearance item and the white heart is a little dish that came from my grandmother.
Temple pic is from lil’ luna, goodwill frame.  Glitter frame is Target clearance and the printable is here.  Wedding pic is almost 15 years old (in August).  Crazy!  Notice the bite marks in the pink foam heart (target dollar spot).  Guess somebody thought I was decorating with candy.  Not this year!
Not loving this ledge in my entry way.  I’ll do better next year.  And the mantel in the family room too, it was so bad this year I couldn’t post it.
Bookshelves in the loft upstairs.  I change out the banner for every holiday.  It’s held up with old stocking hangers from dollar tree.  You might remember the book basket.  My kids LOVE it.

Close up of a shelf: free using scavenged stuff I already had.
Another closeup: more free stuff (old angel from high school, when I “collected” angels. I painted the wings pink and added a few hearts, and a valentine my two year old made in nursery at church last year).  🙂  Now let’s move back downstairs towards the kitchen and family room.
The hoosier cabinet!  I love my Eighteen25 printable goodness (change it out for every holiday), dollar spot mailbox with old valentines inside, and the other chalkboard banner with Hobby Lobby 90% off hearts on it.

Goodwill frames, Eighteen25 print.  Yes, those monsters in the picture are all mine.  I totally need to finish trimming out my kitchen.  It’s been like this for two years since we replaced the counter. *hangs head in shame*

Target and hobby lobby clearance plates, stacked.

Here she is again! Dining chandelier with hanging hearts, free from old valentine’s candy boxes!  
That’s it for this year!
Do you decorate for holidays? Buy a little new stuff every year (before or after, like me)?

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