We love Harry Potter around here.  And my oldest has loved to listen to the audio books and watch the movies since he was little.

So it was no big surprise when he said he wanted a Harry Potter birthday party.  I am not a big party planner.  Too much work and too little reward for the most part (for my kids anyway).  But I knew he would notice the little details, so I decided to find out what was most important to him.  “The food.”  
He wanted to replicate as many food items as possible.  So we used our imaginations, took a trip to Target and here is what we came up with:
pepper imps (hot tamales), licorice wands (chocolate licorice), 
Bertie Botts every flavor beans (jelly bellies),

Cream soda “Butter Beer ” with new, more appropriate labels,

Gummie frogs covered in chocolate, complete with wizard cards!

Our “treacle tart” aka pecan pie,

The “treacle tart”, caldroun cakes (ding dongs), 
and some “party” food (barbeque chips, laughing cow cheese and wheat thins).

Easy and thrown together in one afternoon!  My kind of party!  We ate junk until our stomachs hurt, watched  some HP movies and had a great time.  You can too!
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