Well, it’s been kind of quiet around here for the last couple of weeks. We ran out of room about two years ago, when the last baby was born. And we had four girls in one room and no place to put the baby’s crib I the boys room. So he slept in the office at night. And in our bedroom during the day when my hubby was working in the office. We had a pretty narrow set of requirements: same schools, same ward (congregation) at church, enough bedrooms, separate office space and around 4,000 sq feet. The 2900 square feet of the previous house felt huge when we moved there, and had half as many kids. We have 10 people in our family now. We all needed a little more personal space. Especially the teenagers. 😜

moving van 
We closed at the beginning of the week, moved as much *stuff* as we could over that week, and friends helped us move the big stuff on Saturday. 
I was kind of sad to leave our old house. It really is a great house and I loved it. It’s like when my children grow out of their favorite shirt, and they keep trying to fit themselves in. Ending up like a stuffed sausage. That was us. It was time to let go. 
So here is the new place:
new house 
The new yard needs a little love, but we aren’t worried. We are good at that. Those overgrown bushes are so toast though. 
front door wreath 
Hubby thought it was way weird that I wanted to put up my wreath as soon as we got the keys. I had to wait a few days until I got a command hook for glass. It made it feel like home to me. 
Oh look, a mess!
move in office 
One of the really great things about this house is it actually has two offices! So I get a place for all my craft goodness that can double as a guest room. So come visit! And I promise it looks better than this already. Okay, maybe give me a week. 😊
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