dummy doorknobs 

I have two sets of double “dummy” doors in my house. The ones in  between the kitchen and formal dining room (that we use as a formal living room) and in another in our master bedroom leading to the master bath. The don’t turn and just screw straight into the door. I changed out all the door knobs in my house from builder basic sassy brassy to oil rubbed bronze ones. Except the dummies. Which are not available in the store, you have to order them online. And this place doesn’t offer free shipping unless you spend $50. So I kept putting it off. For a few years. Because I’m slow. So, I finally decided I had enough to order, I would get the knobs. 

box of doorknobs 

Four doors, four sets of knobs. And if finally finish something!!
dummy doorknobs in package 
But you may notice something if you look closely at the picture, that I didn’t when I ordered them. They don’t come in a set. They come individually. I only ordered half as many as I needed. Urg! It never occurred to me that these doorknobs would not come with one for each side of the door. 
builder brass with orb dummy doorknob
So, here’s the before and after in one shot.  Apparently the biggest dummy around here is me. That’s what I get for trying to order hardware on my phone. I guess I need the bigger screen to notice everything. 😉
Have you had any big, forehead slapping moments when you DIYed? Or is it just me?!
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