gold stripe chair 

I took my oldest daughter thrifting the other day and found tons of great stuff. We just need a bigger house to fit it in. 😉  I really would have liked to take this gold striped chair home with me. It was marked $125 which was a little pricey. But it was in great condition and would look perfect in my girl’s room  because you can always use more gold right? (See the lampcurtain rod, and clock.)
With a cute pillow, this would be the perfect place to snuggle up with a good book!
grandfather clock 
I have always wanted a grandfather clock. This one was lovely, and had a rotating dial in the top that is just like the one that fascinated me at a friends house when I was little. I would take the brass balls of the top though. You have to know when to say when, right? Sometimes it’s just a little too much. $140. 
funny baby tshirt

funny baby smell tshirt 

She was loving the funny baby boy tshirts we kept finding. Sadly, they were too small because our baby will be two this summer. Stop growing already!
gold fancy framed mirror 

I really wanted this large mirror, but have no place for it. I would probably have pained the frame white. It’s so big, and that much gold is too much in most of my living spaces. And only $50 for a mirror this big is a steal!
coffee table
I need a DIY tufted ottoman like this one. This lady would make a perfect base for a large, soft ottoman between the couches in my family room. Because, you know, I need another project right now. Solid wood, $70. 
Do you ever regret not buying something you loved, when they had it and could never find another one? I’m kind of afraid that will be me this trip.  😬 
What’s your best thrift shop find?
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